ERP With Project, Account, HRM & CRM

Our ERP software helps you manage every aspect of Account, HRM, CRM, and Project with the utmost ease.


  • A comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tab
  • Easy management of staff details, be it, employees or clients, with easy filter options
  • Management of various aspects of HR. From Attendance to Resignation, from Training to Performance, everything related to employee management becomes easy with ERPGo SaaS
  • Managing pre-sales effectively through Leads, Deals, and Estimate Management
  • Kanban and List view for convenience of users
  • Manage minutest aspects of the project for effective implementation
  • Manage Invoices, Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes through easy clicks. Never miss the due date from now on.
  • Budget Planning Feature
  • Get a detailed report on each aspect of the Project, Sales, HR, and Pre-sales

Stunning Dashboard

Our ERP features the most complete dashboard, containing all of the important information in one place. Dashboards, we can all agree, have made our lives simpler. Well, you may acquire quantitative data in the most basic style for everything from total clients, users, invoices, projects, and estimations to Leads, Deals, and goods. To take timely decisions, you get a summary of Estimates, Invoices, Top Due Payments, Projects, and Tasks. As you scroll down, a reminder of meeting schedules, expiring contracts, weekly events, and new clients will appear. Finally, a Pie Chart can aid in the comprehension of various project states. In a nutshell, this handy application can handle every aspect of your organization.

Employee Management

You can handle Attendance, Bulk Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Meetings, Assets, Documents, and Company Policies through a thorough HR department. Create, Edit, and Filter according to your preferences. You gain a thorough insight of each part of the employee’s personality. With simple tabs, you can handle awards, transfers, promotions, complaints, and many other HR elements of staff. Our ERP platform allows you to plan, manage, and track each employee’s training and performance.

Project Management

In the Kanban and List views, you may manage and filter each project once more. To manage projects, obtain a quick summary of the status, expenses, budget, and due date. Users may be added or removed, and their completed tasks can be checked. Make a to-do list and give each item a priority. A Kanban board may help you keep track of your chores. Milestones, notes, files, comments, payments, timesheets, client feedback, expenses, invoices, and anything else connected to the project can be added here. Consider a project and everything you’d need to manage in order to complete it successfully. So, with our ERP program, you can effortlessly manage them.